This is a collection of some personal projects I’ve worked on that are easily viewable online. Anything that is not browser-friendly will not make the cut :(

I’m also available for freelance works, so feel free to contact me if you’d like to work together.

Web applications

  • CloudSchool - A school/college management ERP solutions.

  • HRM - Easy & hassle free 'House Rent Management' web application.

  • MoneyBag - This app helps to manage finance according to Chart Of Accounts. All data stored in database encrypted using AES-256.

  • OSUMS - Open Source University Management System.

  • HMS - Simple Hostel Management Web Application build with RAW PHP.

  • Time Tracker - Its a simple time tracker for project works using laravel 5.5 and vueJS.

  • Task Manager - Personal Task Management Web App using Laravel 5.3 framework and VueJS.

  • Codex - This application is just a ordinary web app written in PHP. But have good maintainable code structure and help to build web app in raw php rapidly. Its also help to understand about MVC framework terminology, How those framework works(CodeIgnitor, Laravel etc).

Desktop applications

  • TuxPass - A Password manager. This is a simple program written in Qt c++ its save all data in the database with encrypted.

  • Linux Kernel Optimization - This is a QT c++ based application that auto-configure and build Linux kernel from source code according to current hardware is present on the system.

  • HexCreator Optimization - Qt(c++) base desktop application software that convert plain text string to hex value of each letter. Basically its help to make data byte array for NFC/RFID base cards data writing.

  • Super Shop Management - Shop management application build using C#.

Mobile applications

  • Money Tracker - Personal Finance manage native mobile application Using Cordova.

PHP packages

  • Laravel Userstamps - Laravel Userstamps is a simple Laravel package for your Eloquent Model user specific feilds. This package automatically inserts/updates an user id on your table on who created, last updated and deleted the record.

Chrome extensions

  • CrazyHD - A simple extension that manupulte some html dom on

  • Collection - Collection of Google chrome, Chromium browser extensions and apps.



  • Conky Seamod Mix - A conky theme that modify and customize from original conky-seamod theme.
  • Conky Slot - A Conky theme that modify from conky seamod.
  • Conky Crypto Coins - Conky widget scripts for monitoring crypto coins current rates.
  • Usefull Scripts - These scripts automate workflow.
  • Link Genrator - Album songs direct link generator.
  • Mifare Desfire - A binary repo by the team nutboltu to play with mifare-desfire-ev1-8k cards using the RFID card reader based on PN532 chips.
  • Ducky Scripts - Collection of rubber ducky scripts used for BAD USB!
  • PC Turn On SMS - Simple Python script to send sms on Mobile phone using GSM modem where turn on you computer!